How Does Affinity Work?

It’s all quite simple. Yet cutting-edge.
Affinity offers individuals development opportunities that have the potential to lead to a massive shift in their lives.
If you have a matric and a South African ID you qualify to apply for a position at Affinity.
You don’t need to be an A-student, you don’t need to have a car and you don’t need to pay any money upfront. If you have a good attitude, an honest work ethic and an openness to learning, Affinity wants to invest in you. We will give you the tools, teach you the skills and train you on our amazing products.
Then we will teach you how to train others. How cool is that?


    • MONEY. Not just any money. BIG MONEY. At Affinity there’s no limit to the amount you can earn in one month. And there’s no limit to the amount you pay yourself as an end of year bonus. This is your opportunity to earn a lot more than the current expected salary offered to a matric school-leaver with no further education.


    • GROWTH. We’re talking Personal and Professional Development. You will have the opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs who have shifted their own lives through Affinity. Developing yourself through intense training – all free. From guaranteed successful sales skills to leadership programmes, the essence of Affinity is to grow leaders who will pass their knowledge on to others.


    • INDEPENDENCE. Imagine… financial freedom. At Affinity you can own your own life, be your own boss. You will enjoy the autonomy of earning at the pace you drive yourself, and be promoted as soon as you reach your goal. When you become an owner, you get the key to unlocking financial freedom and achieving your dreams.


  • PURPOSE. More than a dream. Commitment to your future. Building your own business and making a difference. Within six months you could be on your way to leading your own team, hiring people and shifting lives. What better purpose could there be than to create employment for the youth in South Africa?