Luke Roebert

Before I started at Affinity, I was looking for a REAL Business opportunity that would allow me to write my own pay cheque every month. No other business was offering the rapid acceleration in income that I was looking for. I now head up the Affinity Franchise in Gauteng. Affinity has given me the opportunity not only to grow and build my own business, but multiple businesses across the country. With hard work and BIG Dreams, we grew our first successful Sales Team from 1 to 19 in just a few months and are about to promote our second Franchise Owner. People are my passion so being in this business I get to hear about and share in their success stories. Our goal is to open three new Sales offices in Gauteng in 2019. If you think one of these offices should be yours, why don’t you come join our winning team and unlock your dreams too?

Edwin Campbell

I was down and out, about to get married and my previous business was failing. I needed a big, new opportunity and then I discovered Affinity. They offered me an opportunity to own my own business. I took the leap and gave it my all. I’m about to promote myself to Franchise Owner after only a few months of being part of the Affinity Team. It’s incredible how my life has shifted!

Matome Kgofelo

Before I joined Affinity I worked at a Media company earning a fixed income. It has always been my dream to run my own business one day, and have the financial freedom to provide security for my family’s future. This dream led me to join Affinity. I thought it would take me forever to earn enough to be financially independent but my journey has been fruitful this far. When I started as a trainee at Affinity I grew rapidly in the business by following the system and I managed to promote myself to a trainer. I have also successfully promoted one trainer and I’m looking forward to growing my business by teaching others and becoming an owner. Affinity has given me the opportunity to write my own pay cheque and to grow personally and professionally through the fantastic training programmes they offer. Life couldn’t be better!

Mbuso Moloi

I worked in Supply chain management before I started at Affinity. I joined Affinity because it offered a better way to grow and fulfil my ambitions. In a few months I have managed to achieve a new home, a car and financial stability. My upline has been amazing in motivating me to get promoted to Trainer. Their leadership qualities are inspiring and I am learning to duplicate them. My goal for 2019 is to make Franchise Owner and have a strong and successful frontline, and my dream keeps me motivated daily.

Shashika Matadin

I was working at Standard Bank with a basic salary where there was no room for growth and development. I started at Affinity at the end of May 2018 and have my own franchise now. Already I have purchased many household appliances, paid cash to have my car fixed, helped my family out and am saving towards my dream wedding. The keys to my success are my upline, the Affinity system and the amazing self-development programmes. My Affinity journey has been phenomenal as I was one of the lucky few to actually test the product. I have also built a team, through lots of trial and error, especially with different recruits. Team work is the strength of my franchise. It took me four months to get to ownership, despite losing my mom. But I kept grounded and motivated by focusing on the prize that will unlock my dreams. Self-development is crucial and I have the most honourable upline; he guides me and is always there through my successes. I want to be a Promoting Owner by the trainers meeting 2019!

Marthinus Chinner

In the job I had before joining Affinity I was micro-managed and there was no support from my seniors. Now I have a positive, motivational and competent upline so I always plug into them and I work 24/7 with my downline. Since I started at Affinity less than a year ago, my journey has been incredible – I have one franchise owner and four frontline trainers. Affinity has enabled me to reach financial freedom; I’ve moved into a two bedroom house in Mhlanga, bought a Toyota Fortuner, made some great investments and am able to support my family. My goal this year is to have three frontline franchise owners and three more frontline trainers.